Colorado Egg Producers


CEP joins fellow ag reps for legislative meet-and-greet, continues developing vital relationships with lawmakers

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association representatives this past month took part in a "legislative meet-and-greet down at the Colorado State Capitol. 
Serving as an opportunity for lawmakers to connect with the state's ag industry, the event is organized each year by the Colorado Ag Council. The Council is a structured entity that pulls together statewide agriculture organizations that represent and serve the state's ag producers.  
CEP Industry Relations Manager David Collie -- pictured above, second from the right -- was among the CEP representatives at the event, along with the organization's executive director, Bill Scebbi. 
Developing relationships with our state lawmakers -- so that they understand the egg industry and the priorities of our state's producers -- is one of CEP's top priorities, and the organization takes part in any and all opportunities to advance these objectives. 

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