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Reaching out to those in need a high priority for Colorado's egg producers

Saturday, March 31, 2018

It is perhaps what makes me most proud to be associated with the Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association; the amount of resources our organization devotes to helping those in need.

This month, the local egg farms that make up our organization once again partnered with Feeding Colorado and our local food banks, to donate more than 300,000 eggs – ensuring those in need would have eggs in time for the holiday. 

While this marks the 11th year in a row that CEP has collaborated with Feeding Colorado for Easter, it's estimated that Colorado's local egg farms altogether donate about 1 million eggs to the state's food banks throughout the year.

And these donations came in addition to CEP representatives recently helping serve omelet meals to families at the Ronald McDonald Family Room at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver. CEP has been involved in a number of other initiatives supporting the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver, having recently donated $30,000 to its radio-thon fundraiser in December, as well as providing a regular supply of fresh eggs to families staying at the Denver and Aurora Houses.   

CEP is unrelenting in doing what’s right for its community, as is further illustrated by our partnership with the Good Egg Project – an initiative from America’s egg farmers that aims to educate people about where eggs come from, and to encourage Americans to help conquer hunger in the U.S.

Not only do our local egg producers take pride in helping feed those in need, but we have the privilege of doing so by producing what food-bank directors, as well as medical professionals, recognize as one of the most nutritious foods. 

Eggs provide one of the highest-quality proteins of any food available, with one egg offering more than six grams of protein (13 percent of the recommended daily value). Eggs also provide varying amounts of several B vitamins also required for the production of energy in the body, such as thiamin, riboflavin, folate, B12 and B6. 

Eggs can even make other healthy foods more beneficial, as they increase absorption of powerful antioxidants, including vitamin E and lutein. And amazingly, one egg contains all of the nutritional benefits listed above, and yet has only 70 calories, allowing you to feel full longer. Eating eggs for breakfast has been proven to reduce hunger. 

From the public's perception, the one drawback often associated with eggs is the risk of cardiovascular disease.  But those days seem to rightfully be coming to a close, as technological and medical advances have allowed experts to better understand how eggs do indeed have a place at the table of heart-healthy eating. According to the American Egg Board, enjoying an egg a day can fall within current cholesterol guidelines, particularly if people opt for other low-cholesterol foods throughout the day.  

There are many things in which our local egg producers can take pride. As an association, Colorado was the first state to develop and implement an Animal Care Doctrine. Additionally, we have a great environmental-stewardship story to tell, as egg farmers are now producing 27 percent more eggs per day than they did 50 years ago, but amazingly, we’re also using 32 percent less water and have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 71 percent during the past 50 years. 

But again, CEP’s commitment to our communities and to those in need might stand at the top for me.

We take seriously the fact that one in seven Coloradans don’t have enough food to meet their basic needs, and we strive to assist those families – not only during Easter, but year-round.

Our local egg farms want to reach out make a difference in our communities, and collaborating with the Ronald McDonald House and Feeding Colorado only makes our impact have a farther reach. We're truly blessed to partner with such wonderful organizations.

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