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Morning Fresh Farms

Douglas Brown and photographer Cyrus McCrimmon of the Denver Post visited Morning Fresh Farms to see first-hand how eggs are produced as a part of a series "Start to Finish".

Quoting Brown, "They are the most versatile of ingredients. A deviled egg is a little bomb of egginess: the creamed yolk, the rubbery white, every bite a wallop of egg. Other dishes — think chocolate-chip cookies — leverage eggs more for reasons of science than flavor."

Read their entire article and see the photos at

Ag Council Hosts 'Farm Fresh From The Flatbed'

Thursday, April 15, 2010

March 17, 2010 was National Agriculture Day and the Colorado Egg Producers along with other farm groups were at the Capitol to serve lunch and present the Food Bank of the Rockies with a check for $51,000. Check out the video at

Colorado Egg Producers play big role in Ag Day at the Capitol Success

Friday, March 24, 2017

The “most popular event under the Golden Dome” was once again a success, as Gov. John Hickenlooper, state officials, the media and others took part in a well-deserved “thank you” to Colorado’s farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses during Agriculture Day at the Capitol on Wednesday.

And it will be done largely with the help of Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) personnel. 

CEP Industry Relations Manager David Collie, who also owns and operates Collie Consulting LLC, is taking the lead among the 48 organizations that make up the Colorado Ag Council and organize the event, while CEP Executive Director Bill Scebbi, CEP Outreach Events Coordinator and CEP board mmber Terry Tormohlen were also on hand to help out.

With an estimated 900 people in attendance, the event was highlighted by a cook-off competition that featured the teaming up of local chefs, lawmakers and ag representatives, creating dishes with Colorado-grown foods.

The CEP team took second place overall in the 14-team cook-off competition, under the guidance of chefs Klaus Krebs and Travis Barday of Isle Casino and Hotel.

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