Colorado Egg Producers



Colorado egg farmers understand that they must humanely produce a high quality, safe protein while being stewards to their environment and community. In fact, every week Colorado farmers donate 1,000’s of eggs to area Feeding America affiliated food banks and community homeless shelters. CEP members graciously donate more than one million fresh eggs to local charities annually.

This past Easter marked the 10th consecutive year that the Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association member farms have partnered with the Feeding Colorado food banks to help those in need for the Easter holiday, and CEP was elated to have again contributed to the efforts of Feeding Colorado and the Good Egg Project -- an initiative to end childhood hunger through the American Egg Board.

Hickman Family Farms, Morning Fresh Farms, NestFresh, Opal Foods and Sparboe Farms are the local operations that produced and donated the farm-fresh eggs to Feeding Colorado's food banks for Easter this year.

During the 10 years that the local CEP-member farms have partnered with Feeding Colorado, the total in Easter donations has amounted to about 3 million eggs.

Although, when factoring in their regular weekly and monthly donations, Colorado's egg farms donate an estimated 1 million eggs per year to local food banks, and have now donated about 10 million eggs altogether during the past decade. 

Watch the video below to learn more.

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