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Eggs on the Go: Tips for Preparing Quick Meals and Snacks

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Autumn has officially arrived. Kids are back in school, leaves are changing and the holiday spirit will soon arrive with a dash of stress and a pinch of hectic scheduling. Meals and snacks don’t have to be a hassle this time of year, especially when using eggs. The Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association has a few ideas to incorporate eggs into meals for busy schedules.

Eggs are easy to prepare ahead of time for any meal and are excellent snacks for car rides, shopping trips and more. While eggs are oftentimes associated with stovetop cooking for leisurely weekend breakfasts, they can also be served as a quick snack or a meal on-the-go and satisfy hunger at any hour of the day. Here’s a look at how eating eggs can help save time in what can be the busiest season of the year.

Think you can’t find the time for an egg breakfast in the middle of a hectic morning? Think again. You can prepare an egg breakfast in a snap. Some ideas can even commute with you in a portable coffee mug.

• Scramble eggs in the microwave for a meal in less than a minute.
• Stir a raw egg into oatmeal with milk. Microwave and enjoy with fruit on top.
• Make an egg sandwich with a bagel, English muffin or toast.

Even if you find yourself far from the kitchen during the lunch hour, you can still enjoy eggs for a mid-day meal. An egg lunch doesn’t have to take long to prepare and can be easy to eat at your desk on busy days.

• Hard boil eggs in advance, slice them up and add them to a leafy salad.
• Prepare a hearty sandwich with egg salad or use a sliced hard-boiled egg as a base
for a delicious sandwich – toss in avocado, celery, fresh greens or any other
addition you’d like.

Many people enjoy relaxing after a long workday, and preparing a meal can sometimes seem like extra work. Don’t think of eggs as breakfast for dinner; think of them as a quick and inexpensive evening meal that can cook while you’re busy with other activities. Also, many dinner recipes may provide ample leftovers for future meals, which saves prep time throughout the week.

• Use a slow cooker to make an egg bake and let the meal take care of itself.
• Prepare an egg casserole dish ahead of time, refrigerate it and bake it when you get

Snacks and appetizers

Eggs are as easy to snack on as any other finger food. Take a tip from CEP and trade traditional carb-loaded snacks for a punch of protein.

• Include a hard-boiled egg in you or your child’s lunch box. To make it even easier to
eat, slide the egg onto a popsicle stick.
• Be the hit of any holiday party with deviled eggs – mix it up by adding tex-mex
flavoring, cheese or bacon.
• Make bacon and egg cups by lining muffin tin holes with bacon, cracking eggs inside
the holes and baking at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Not only are eggs quick and easy to prepare for any meal or snack in a busy lifestyle, they’re also packed with nutrients. While other calorie-packed foods may tempt us all during the holiday season, eggs are a healthier option.

“As local egg farmers, we like to remind people of eggs’ health benefits. One egg offers nearly every vitamin a body needs and is a model source of protein,” said Terry Tormohlen, Colorado egg farmer and CEP member. “Additionally, eggs have all nine essential amino acids, which boosts metabolism.”

CEP offers recipes that can be prepared in advance and taken on-the-go at

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