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The Egg Nutrition Center website is an outstanding source of infomation for egg lovers, egg producers and processors, nutritionists and health care providers, and anyone who wants to learn more about eggs and good nutrition. You can learn about the mission and goals of the Egg Nutrition Center, meet its staff members, view and order its publications, find its exhibit schedule at national conferences, and get information on the most recent studies dealing with nutrition and health issues that relate to the valuable contributions of eggs to the diet.

REAL eggs are GMO free - The good news for food formulators is that according to USDA, eggs are not a genetically modified (GM) food. This applies both to shell eggs and the eggs used for further processed products. Read the full white paper from the American Egg Board by clicking the link above.

YES on Amendment 71

Saturday, October 29, 2016

It is not often that CEP takes a position on political issues affecting our state, but we are compelled to stand up and support with a resounding “YES”, Amendment 71 (Raise the Bar)!

Why do we care so much?
If this measure passes it would offer rural Colorado a voice in how our state’s future is molded. It will allow Colorado farmers and ranchers to be heard when it comes to potential issues that might impact our state, our way of life and our ability to provide safe, high quality food to Coloradans. For more information on this measure, visit Thank you for your consideration and vote “YES” on 71.

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